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Theatresports World Cup 2006

The Theatresports World Championship was a premiere! Within the official Artistic and Cultural Programme to the 2006 FIFA World Cup?, 16 Teams from around the world determined the first world champions (!) in theatresports: Canada and Belgium!

The tournament lasted from June 26th till July 8th 2006 and included 55 matches. It took place all over Germany: in Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Göttingen, Halle/Saale, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich and in the regions around Nürnberg, Rhein-Neckar as well as the Ruhr area.

After the Opening Show on June 26th in the Volkstheater in Munich, four quadripartite-groups carried out a six day preliminary round with first an second legs. The finalists were determined in the Quarterfinals (July 3rd) and semi-finales (July 6th). Then on July 7th, in Berlin, the first Theatresports world champion was determined by the vote of the audience. The tournament ended in the Capital with a long night of theatersports (July 8th)

The cast of the participants was decided by a mix of qualification and invitation by the organiser Theatersport Deutschland. Besides the host Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden were the 7 countries attending from Europe. The American continent was represented by Argentina, Canada, Colombia and the United States. Marocco and Zimbabwe attended from Africa and from furthest away were attending Japan and New Zealand.

The festival language was English, but non verbal-communication between the artists from around the world played an important role.